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Founded in 1765 and reopened in 1981, the University of Corsica is a multidisciplinary institution providing an array of more than 100 diplomas awarded by 8 Faculties, Institutes and Schools. It has established a clear scientific identity around 8 multidisciplinary projects accredited by the CNRS and developed strong partnerships with important research organisations (CNRS, INRA, INSERM, CEA).<
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The President's Address

Founded in 1765 and reopened in 1981, the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli is an educational and research institution deeply rooted in its territory, very much in phase with major local and international issues. To pave the way for success, integration and empowerment of all students, the University of Corsica is endowed with the adequate scientific means. It includes 8 structuring projects
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"Corsica and Pascal Paoli, Pascal Paoli and Corsica, both names will forever live as one. His world fame will inspire respect and admiration, and as long as free men exist on earth, his name will be linked to that of peoples’ magnanimous benefactors."

Francescu Ottaviani Renucci – Storia della Corsica 1834

The birth of Pascal Paoli (1725-1807) c
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