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The President's Address

Founded in 1765 and reopened in 1981, the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli is an educational and research institution deeply rooted in its territory, very much in phase with major local and international issues. To pave the way for success, integration and empowerment of all students, the University of Corsica is endowed with the adequate scientific means. It includes 8 structuring projects accredited by the CNRS and in educational terms, more than 100 diplomas in 4 basic fields, including programmes geared towards the labour market and state-of-the-art teachings such as PACES, or the Engineering school including the Paoli Tech preparatory year.

These strategic directions are designed to capitalise on the competences acquired over the last 30 years. Therefore, the territorial impact of the University of Corsica is part and parcel of its international legibility, characterised by our active involvement in international cooperation networks. Our University is thus engaged in various exchange programmes with more than 100 institutions throughout the world; it is part of the Euro Mediterranean Research and Cooperation Association (with the following universities: Genoa, Nice Sophia Antipolis, Paris VI, Pisa and Torino), made up of 200,000 students and 12,000 lecturers; it created the Island Territories Excellence Network (RETI), which currently brings together 26 island universities from around the world.

More broadly, through the values it cultivates, including closeness between the stakeholders and a pioneering spirit, the University of Corsica brings together people and skills, practices and ideas, resources and projects. Relying on its core beliefs, it develops its historical and geographical legacy while opening to knowledge, the youth and Corsica.

Paul-Marie Romani
President of the University of Corsica Pasquale Paol

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